These instructional videos will help guide you through the various steps of your pipe installation process from preparation to completion. These tips will help you achieve a quality finished and functional piping system.

These informational videos provide how to instructions for various Aluminum Air Products including the PF Series Ball Valves, PF Series NPT Adaptor Kit, PF Series Fitting, Quick Drops, S-Bend Pipes, Equal Tees, and more!

PF Series Ball Valve Installation
PF Series NPT Adaptor Kit
Prepare Pipe for Installation
Prepare and Install Pipe - PF Series Fitting
Quick Drops - All Sizes
S-Bend Pipe Installation
AIRnet PF series installation
PF Series .75 inch Ball Valve Installation
Grounding a PF Series System
Equal Tee Assembly – Classic Series (2 ½” & 3”)
Initial Pressurization