Let our professionals design your system. From pipe sizing to layout, our staff will insure you will have the most cost efficient solution while still allowing for future needs. All we need is a dimensional drawing. This can be as simple as a hand Design Center 2drawn layout to as sophisticated as an Autocad dwg drawing.

Below are some basic questions to get us started.

Once you have answered these questions to the best of your ability, please email your information to the technical support team at: [email protected].



  • Max CFM ? (this can be found on the dataplate of your compressor)
  • Connection size from compressor ? (typical 1/2″ NPT all the way up to 4″ NPT)



  • Height of ceiling?
  • Type of sturcture to hang pipe from? (for example – wooden trusses, steel I-beams )



  • How many drops do you need for your equipment? (please mark position of drops on drawing)
  • How will these drops terminate? (example: ball valve, manifold, quick couplings, etc)



  • Stand alone receiver tanks – Connection sizes? (leave blank if not applicable)
  • Stand alone dryers – Connection sizes? (leave blank if not applicable)
  • Filters – Connection sizes? (leave blank if not applicable)?

Fast, Easy, Reliable

The redesigned fittings makes installation up to 86% faster than traditional systems.



PF series fittings have raised the bar on ease of installation.  Simply insert the pipe to the correct depth and you are finished.  There is no need to tighten or loosen the fittings.


AIRnet comes with an industry leading 10 year warranty.  All fittings are engineered to be highly efficient and leak free.