Quick_DropsThe Quick Drop fitting is used to create a drop from the header pipe without the risk of condensation contamination to tools, and equipment which could result in premature failures.


Traditional fittings – (1) equal tee, & (2) elbows. In a traditional system, tee’s should never point down from a header pipe. This allows the condensation that forms in the header to migrate down to your tools and equipment. For this reason you need to use additional elbows to bring the pipe back down towards the floor.

  • With the Quick Drop you only need one fitting. The fitting attaches QDrop-Transparentaround the outside of the pipe, sealing with an o-ring (pictured right). A hole is drilled into the side of the pipe (or top depending on orientation)  which keeps condensation in the bottom half of the header pipe to be drained back to the receiver tank or to a drip leg.
  • The Quick Drop fittings comes with a drilling jig built into the fitting. No specialized tools required.
  • The Quick Drop fitting literally takes a matter of a couple of minutes to install and can be installed after the header installation is complete. This makes for very quick installation of both header (no cutting of pipes everytime a drop is required) and the drops. Drops can be added anytime in the future as needed providing you with a leak free connection.
  • The Quick Drop fitting is available in two sizes (3/4″ and 1″) as well as NPT threaded connections – to connect your pressure gauges, tools, or hoses directly. This selection of Quick Drop fittings allows you to configure you system in many ways.

Quick Drop Fittings Features Include:

Quick Drop Fittings

  • Easily Attaches Around the Outside of Pipes
  • Drilling Jig is Built Into the Fitting
  • Fast Installation Time
  • Can Be Installed After Header Installation
  • No Pipe Cutting is Required
  • Quick Drops Can Be Added Anytime
  • Provide a Leak Free Connection
  • Available in 3/4″ and 1″ Sizes
  • NPT Threaded Connections