Q. Why is Aluminum preferred over black iron or galvanized steel systems
A. Aluminum air pipe is far more energy efficient than a traditional steel system. AIRnet pipe is put through an anti corrosion bath, coating both the inside and outside of the pipe, keeping the pipe corrosion free far into the future. This combined with its ultra smooth inner surface allows the air to flow with very little resistance. It is the lack of resistance to the air flow that makes the pipe energy efficient. Black iron / steel pipe starts to corrode almost immediately after installation and continues to corrode over time. The corrosion provides uneven surfaces inside the pipe which act as resistance to the flow of air. The corrosion also limits the amount of flow in the pipe. The more resistance the more it cost you to make air.

Q. What are AIRnet’s advantages compared to polypropylene?
<bclass=”marker”>A. A polypropylene installation will require the fittings to be glued to the pipes, not assuring a long lasting tightness and with a high risk of leakages. Certain types of oils used in compressors can be aggressive towards the glues used to bond together pipes and fittings. Through time and temperature changes, a polypropylene installation will suffer deformation, reducing the installation’s strength and stiffness, increasing the risk of leakages. PVC piping systems have proven to have a high risk of explosive failures, making safety a major concern when using this technology.</bclass=”marker”>

Q. Can AIRnet be installed in corrosive environments, and what can be considered as corrosive?
A. AIRnet pipes have a chromate-phosphate treatment, which gives an optimal corrosion resistance as well as a good adhesion with the outside powder painting, while AIRnet aluminum fittings are anodized and have been tested to have a good level of corrosion protection. A corrosive environment where AIRnet should not be installed is one where Chlorine gases are present, as well as hydrochloric and other acids and chlorides.

Q. What is the warranty period?
A. AIRnet has a 10-year warranty on all pipes and fittings in case of material defect or failures, provided that the installation has been in accordance to the standard procedures and within the product performance limits.

Q. For what applications can AIRnet be used?
A. AIRnet can be safely installed in applications with compressed air and vacuum, as well as oil-free applications. Green AIRnet pipes are also available to be used in networks with inert gases.

Q. Why is AIRnet faster to install than the competition?
A. AIRnet PF Series fittings have a unique push to connect design. All that needs to be done is insert the pipe in the fitting and you are done. No tightening or loosening of the fittings is required. The 18.7 ft aluminum pipes are lightweight and can be handled by 1 person, resulting in safer handling.