This threaded butterfly valve can help control the flow of air in sections of compressed air pipes within your system. This threaded butterfly valve is durable, designed to operate easily within your system, and designed for smooth installation in both new and current systems.

This threaded butterfly valve comes equipped with flanges and is available in two separate sizes. Choose a 2 1/2″ NPT (63mm) or 3″ NPT (80mm) valve for your next project!

Threaded Butterfly Valve and More

In addition to the threaded butterfly valve with flange, we offer a number of other pipe valves, pipe fittings, and other compressed air pipe products in our online store. We also offer non-threaded butterfly valves as an alternate option. Order from Aluminum Air Pipe today or call us at 860-405-8243 to help us get the parts you need to build your next compressed air system.