Threaded quick drops can be used to add a pressure gauge or to screw hoses into your system directly. We offer a number of different sized threaded quick drops ranging from 25-1/2″ NPT to 80-3/4″ NPT. All of these threaded quick drops can be installed in a couple of minutes with their built in drilling jig.

Advantages of Threaded Quick Drops

Threaded quick drops allow you to configure your compressed air system in a variety of ways. They allow you to drop down off the header pipe, while eliminating the worry of condensation contaminating your tools or equipment. This threaded quick drop fitting replaces 3 separate pipe fittings used in a traditional compressed air piping system.

Threaded Quick Drop Fittings and More

These threaded quick drops are part of our selection compressed air pipe fittings and quick drops for sale. Aluminum Air Pipe has everything you need to begin your next project! Shop with us today or call 860-405-8242 and we will help find you what you need!