The AIRnet Advantage

AIRnet has the highest standards in the compressed air line industry. There is a reason why customer after customer are choosing AIRnet as the brand they want when installing compressed air lines.

There are no other aluminum piping systems on the market that can make these claims. Highest pressure rating – (232 psi), highest temperature rating – (176 degrees at all ambient temperatures), and deepest vacuum rating – (0.013 bar). All with an industry leading 10 year warranty on all fittings and compressed air lines.

Now with push to connect technology AIRnet pipe is also the fastest, and easiest, piping system to install. The ease of installation saves you money in labor cost. Your compressed air lines can be installed 76% faster than traditional methods.


Affixed to walls or hanging from the ceiling, AIRnet’s compressed air lines and fittings let’s you build an airnet system to your specific production needs. With a large variety of fittings, (tee, 90 and 45 degree elbows, reducing fittings, reducing tee’s, NPT threaded connections, union fittings, etc.), AIRnet gives you the flexibility to meet the most challenging installation needs. Now AIRnet has raised the bar even further by introducing the NPT connection kit for all the PF series fittings (3/4″-2″). This allows you to turn any fitting from an AIRnet connection into an NPT connection simply by removing one of the nuts on any fitting and replacing with the NPT kit. When choosing to expand or upgrade, AIRnet’s fittings and compressed air lines are the logical choice.