AIRnet Compressed Air Pipe

AIRnet Compressed Air Pipe


AIRnet compressed air pipe is made of corrosion resistant aluminum.  For most manufacturer’s that is enough.  Not AIRnet, our compressed air pipes come with an additional anti corrosion coating, both inside and out.  This ensures that your compressed air piping system is efficient when installed and continues to provide clean, energy efficient air long into the future. AIRnet compressed air pipe ranges in many different sizes to fit the needs of your project!



Blue Compressed Air Pipe

The AIRnet compressed air pipe is colored blue in accordance with industry standards. The blue color also allows for easy identification for emergency response workers.  AIRnet pipe also comes in green in accordance with industry standards for inert gases.

Compressed Air Pipe Sizes

AIRnet compressed air pipe is available in a variety of sizes. Length for compressed air pipe is 18ft 8 inches and the diameter of the pipe ranges from 3/4″ to 6″ in size.  See the specifications below.

Compressed Air Pipe Specifications

Sizes 3/4″ – 6″                         Available Length – 18 ft 8 inches


Available Sizes:
20mm – 3/4″
25mm – 1″
40mm – 1 1/2″
50mm – 2″
63mm – 2 1/2″
80mm – 3″
100mm – 4″
158mm – 6″

The Aluminum Air Pipe System offers a reliable solution for compressed air distribution. Its distinct blue air pipe and matching fittings ensure easy identification and efficient installation. With various sizes available, this corrosion-resistant blue tube compressed air system provides a durable and versatile air line pipe solution for a wide range of industrial applications.

Aluminum Air Pipe systems, such as Airnet, offer unparalleled efficiency and reliability in various compressed air applications. The air line pipe size, a critical factor in optimizing performance, is thoughtfully designed to ensure seamless air flow and distribution. The high-pressure air line pipe, crafted from durable aluminum, guarantees robustness and longevity, essential for industrial settings demanding precision and resilience. The distinctive blue tube compressed air solution not only signifies its identity but also serves as a visual indicator of its high-quality construction. The blue airline pipe, with its corrosion-resistant properties, ensures clean and uncontaminated air delivery, maintaining the integrity of the compressed air system.

Additional information

Read or download AIRnet pipe product information at Aluminum Air Pipe


Prepare Pipe for Installation

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