PF Series Ball Valves are commonly used to add isolation valves in the header. This allows you to keep production up and running on the majority of the system while working on one smaller section. You should also consider placing a ball valve at the compressor and each drop for safety. The body of the valves are made from brass.

Aluminum Air Pipe has a selection of different size PF Series Ball Valves to fit your systems needs. Shop for valves, fittings, and other pipe parts and materials in our online store.

The Aluminum Air Pipe with an aluminum ball valve is a versatile and durable solution for pneumatic systems. Crafted from lightweight yet robust aluminum, the pipe ensures efficient air distribution. The integrated ball valve offers precise control over airflow, allowing for seamless adjustments and shut-offs. This combination of high-quality materials and advanced valve technology makes it an ideal choice for industries requiring reliable and efficient pneumatic operations.