This standard ball valve can be used in conjunction with the threaded connector to attach to AIRnet pipes. Use this standard ball valve to control the flow of air throughout sections of your compressed air pipes. These standard ball valves are durable enough to perform well through many cycles and make your system much more cost-efficient over time.  Ball Valves are made from Brass.

Standard Ball Valve Sizes

Each standard ball valve weight about 3 pounds and is designed for a variety of different sized pipes. These include the following:

  • 1 1/2″f-1 1/2″f
  • 1″f-1″f
  • 1/2″f-1/2″f
  • 1/2″m-1/2″f
  • 2″f-2″f
  • 3/4″f-3/4″f
  • 3/4″m – 3/4″f

Standard Ball Valves and More

This standard ball valve is part of our larger selection of AIRnet pipe valves and pipe fittings available in our online store. We also offer PF Series ball valves, butterfly valves, and more compressed air piping products to help you with your next project. Shop Aluminum Air Pipe today and call us at 860-405-8243 with any questions!