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Aluminum Air Pipe offers all of the most common varieties of aluminum pipe for compressed air systems. Our aluminum compressed air piping comes with a corrosion-resistant coating inside and out, making it a superior choice when compared to PVC and other common pipe materials. The quality of compressed air aluminum piping found in our selection can’t be beaten — and neither can our prices! Make sure your compressed air system is fast, reliable and durable by ordering AIRnet and other compressed air aluminum pipe products today.

  • AIRnet Compressed Air Pipe

    AIRnet compressed air pipe is made of corrosion resistant aluminum.  For most manufacturer's that is enough.  Not AIRnet, our compressed air pipes come with an additional anti corrosion coating, both inside and out.  This ensures that your compressed air piping system is efficient when installed and continues to provide clean, energy efficient air long into the future. AIRnet compressed air pipe ranges in many different sizes to fit the needs of your project!
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  • Inert Gas (Green Pipe)

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