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Having an efficient compressed air piping layout and working system are crucial to managing a safe and successful wood shop. The woodworking tools you regularly use, such as staple and nail guns, drills, routers and sanders often require an air compressor setup to work. Without compressed air being delivered in the right amount and at the right time, your shop could face downtime and other inefficiencies that cost more money than it would to invest in a compressed air tubing system.

AIRnet Pipe Airlines for Shops Can Save Your Money

Aluminum, galvanized steel and copper are all common materials used in compressed air systems, but aluminum is by far the king. Aluminum air pipes are more cost-efficient than once-popular galvanized steel pipes and can save your wood shop money in a variety of ways:

  • Smooth inner surface results in lower friction factor, which reduces electricity bills.
  • Constant, consistent low-pressure drop means less frequent pipe replacement.
  • Lower loading pressure that reduces power consumption.
  • Clean and corrosion-resistant; no extra protection needed.
  • AIRnet fittings are leak free, giving you the most power for the lowest cost.
  • Simple installation — can be done by one person without training or specialized tools.

Shop Compressed Air System Layouts at Aluminum Air Pipe

Before you can choose aluminum piping and build the perfect system for your wood shop, you need to consider what you’ll be using compressed air for. Operating woodworking air tools, like a nail gun, and blowing sawdust off of your workspace require different amounts of pressure, so your compressed air piping layout needs to account for that. Additionally, since compressors can be loud, you’ll need to consider where in the layout it would fit best while creating the least disturbance for the people in your shop.

Seem like a lot to consider? Aluminum Air Pipe can help! You can use our free design services to help as you shop compressed air system design and choose the perfect products and layout for your shop. Get started with us today.

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